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Business Management

You got where you are right now because you not only can adapt to change, you welcome it.  Because if there’s one constant in the world of business, it is change.

You got to where you are now with perseverance, commitment and dedication.  But you want to go further and you’ll use those traits to get you there.  Those very drivers are also the ones that organizations looks for to propel them forward.  With Oxford College’s Business Management Program, you’re well on your way.

It’s no secret that business needs to grow, evolve and adapt to stay successful.  Your Oxford College Diploma in Business Management lets prospective employers know that you are up to the challenge.  You’ll help achieve that with your ability to create and implement improvements, gained through keen insight sharpened by your Oxford diploma.

Our 38-week intensive program was created to deliver business graduates who could enter the workforce effortlessly and bring their in-demand skills to bear by:

  • Providing advice and analyses on managerial methods and organization for public and/or private sector establishments.
  • Conducting research to determine efficiency and effectiveness of managerial policies and programs.
  • Assessing and proposing improvements to methods, systems and procedures in such areas as:  operations, human resources, communications, and records management
  • Conducting quality audits as well as developing quality management and assurance standards for International Organization for Standardization registration.
  • Planning an institution’s reorganization of its operations.
  • Providing supervisory assistance of contracted researchers and/or clerical staff.

Would you like more information?

Would you like more information?

Contact us to learn more about how this program can only serve to enhance your lifework experience or post-secondary degree: Oxford College’s Business Management Diploma.